Zhongshan heating pipe: matters needing attention in the use of single head electric heating pipe

2021-11-03 1917

Single heating tube is used for heating equipment such as plastic packaging, small mold heating, hot nozzle heating of injection molding machine, hot pressing molding machinery, cigarette machinery, semiconductor eutectic welding, die-casting input channel heating and injection without pouring channel, and cooling effect of various gas expansion.

1. A single heat pipe component that works under the following conditions: the relative humidity is less than 95%, non explosive and corrosive gas. The working voltage shall not exceed 1.1 times of the rated shell and shall be grounded. ≥ 1m Ω insulation resistance insulation strength: 2KV / 1 min.

2. Safety measures shall be taken to prevent explosion accidents when heating saltpeter.

3. The magnesium oxide powder at the outlet of the electric heating pipe should avoid the infiltration of pollutants and moisture in the place of use to prevent leakage accidents.

4. The components shall be stored in a dry place for a long time. If the insulation resistance is less than 1 m [Omega, it can be dried in the oven. At about 200 ℃, the components shall be powered on for heating or the voltage shall be reduced until the insulation resistance is restored.


5. When heating air, the elements shall be evenly arranged so that the elements have good heat dissipation conditions and the passing air can be fully heated. The single ended electric heating tube shall be positioned and fixed. The heating area must be immersed in liquid or metal solid. If scale or carbon is found on the surface of the tube, it shall be cleaned in time and reused to avoid affecting the heat dissipation of the single ended electric heating tube and shortening the service life.

6. The wiring shall be placed outside the insulation layer to avoid corrosive, explosive materials and contact with water; The long lead wire shall be able to withstand the temperature and load of the heating part of the wiring, and the wiring fixing screw shall avoid too much force. When heating fusible metal or solid nitrate, alkali, asphalt wax, etc., the service voltage shall be reduced first, and shall not be increased to the rated voltage until the medium is melted.

According to the working environment of single end heating pipe, dry burning and heating liquid single hair heat pipe are widely used, but the use safety also needs our constant attention. The above are some precautions for the use of single head electric heating pipe.

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