Heating towel rack manufacturer: installation height of electric towel rack reserved height of socket

2021-11-03 2096

How about the installation height of the electric towel rack and the reserved height of the socket, including the power consumption of the electric towel rack

The height of the toilet rack is usually 2.4m. The electric towel rack is usually installed above the toilet or on the empty wall. If it is installed according to the high-power thermal energy efficiency, it is recommended to install it in the middle of the toilet, with uniform heat dissipation and good heat storage. Some undecorated need to reserve sockets. After the position of the towel rack is set, reserve sockets at the middle of the wall height.

How about electric towel rack power consumption?


The size and height of the electric towel rack are generally divided into 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm. The larger the size, the higher the corresponding power. The power of the heat conducting liquid heating rod is 600W, 800W and 1000W respectively. Such products have large power, which are suitable for heating in the bathroom and not suitable for drying towels. The power of alloy heating wire is 40W, 60W and 80W respectively. These products are usually made of stainless steel. They are suitable for warm towels and other clothes. They are not suitable for heating and drying towels and clothes. The power of carbon fiber heating wire is 350W, 450W and 570W respectively. This kind of product has medium power and excellent power consumption. It can dry towels for auxiliary heating.

Buying a car also depends on fuel consumption. It is important to choose an electric towel rack with high cost performance! The electric towel rack brings you a warm and comfortable experience.

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