Zhongshan heating pipe: why does the electric heating pipe trip after being powered on

2021-11-03 2347

When the electric heating pipe is applied, if it encounters the condition of power tripping, it is probably caused by poor wiring at the wiring or short circuit fault of the commodity.

We must check whether the power tripping is caused by the problem of leakage protection device, so as to prevent misjudgment. If it is clear that the wiring conditions of the leakage protection device and the switching power supply are all excellent, it is necessary to gradually check which part of the heating tube has a problem leading to the short-circuit fault.

There are many reasons for short-circuit fault. The following are just some simple guesses. If you encounter corresponding problems, you can match them and check them:

  1. The insulation performance of the heating tube is not good enough to cause leakage

The insulation performance of the heating tube itself is not very good, which will cause the working voltage to penetrate between the resistance wire and the boundary layer of the housing, resulting in leakage current. The key reasons for this are:

When there is residue in the insulating layer material inside the heating tube, or the insulating layer material is fake and inferior and can not be used, it will seriously endanger the actual effect of the insulating layer of the electric heating rod, which is caused by the lax supervision of raw materials;

When the electric heating wire inside the heating tube has axial force during manufacturing, that is, it is too close to the metal material surface, it is very easy to be penetrated by the current and lead to leakage, which is caused by the lax supervision of the manufacturing process;

When the sealing processing technology of the heating pipe is not well done, the internal moisture of the electric heating pipe reduces the characteristics of the cable sheath. Once plugged in, the power will jump. It is caused by the unqualified sealing processing technology.

  2. Loose and poor contact of heating pipe wiring position

This kind of problem often occurs on the heating pipe with external wiring method. Since the external wiring method is to crimp the electrical level of the wire and the heating pipe outside the heating pipe according to the wiring terminal, it is very easy to cause the problem of loose riveting when the wiring terminal is damaged or broken; In the practice of internal wire, this problem will also occur if the internal wire is not firmly connected.

  3. Heating pipe wire is pulled and continuously bent

In the whole process of application, if the wire of the heating pipe is subject to excessive pulling force or impact, or the wire at the outgoing line of the group is often bent, it is also likely to lead to poor contact at the connection of the wiring. This kind of situation is very easy to lead to short-circuit fault and power tripping. If the wire is disconnected at the connection, it will lead to short-circuit, and the heating pipe cannot be applied again.


Therefore, it is not necessary to pull the wire of the heating pipe during normal application. If the heating pipe is used in some high-frequency fitness mechanical equipment, it should be clearly proposed to the manufacturer to do a good job in the structural reinforcement of the group outgoing line structure.

  4. The natural environment of the wiring is wet and cold, and the gas moisture is very large

Wet and cold natural environment can easily lead to electric leakage, which is not caused by the heating tube itself. Similarly, the storage and application in the wet and cold natural environment is very easy to cause the internal moisture of the heating pipe, resulting in the reduction of the insulation performance of the heating pipe that meets the standard. This is also a normal condition. The moisture returning heating pipe can slowly discharge the internal moisture according to the baking or low-voltage operation, and the insulation performance can also be restored.

  5. Electric heating tubes for vacuum applications

When applying electric heating pipe in vacuum environment, it is not necessary to design the wiring position of the heating pipe in vacuum environment. The natural environment of the vacuum pump and the whole process of vacuum packaging can reduce the breakdown voltage between electric stages in some cases, which will lead to the leakage of goods that are not easy to leak in the air in the vacuum environment.

  6. Power tripping after application for a period of time, considering the problem of commodity embrittlement

After the heating tube has been used for a long time (more than one year in harsh natural environment and more than 3-5 years in general natural environment), it is likely that some difficulties will be caused by environmental factors (such as long-term high temperature, long-term regular theme activities, oil leakage natural environment, impact under external forces, etc.), and it is very easy to have problems such as air oxidation of internal resistance wire, carbonization of conductor silicone rubber layer, wire skin embrittlement, etc, As a result, the standard heating pipe that had no problem also had leakage. So everyone is using

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