Stainless steel heating pipe tips

2021-03-23 708

What is stainless steel electric heating tube? The stainless steel electric heating tube is sheathed with stainless steel, with magnesium oxide rod as the inner core, with magnesium oxide powder as the filler, and with nickel chromium wire as the heating wire. It can be roughly divided into single head electric heating pipe and double head electric heating pipe.

Classification of stainless steel electric heating tubes

"Stainless steel" refers to its material. Electric heating tube, scientific name metal tubular heating element, is commonly used. Classification of stainless steel electric heating tubes:

Single head electric heating pipe, double head electric heating pipe, stainless steel electric heating pipe, radiator electric heating pipe, water heating pipe, dry heating pipe, mold electric heating pipe, high-temperature color changing hose, hot runner electric heating ring, cigarette equipment electric heating pipe, pharmaceutical machinery heating pipe, electroplating equipment heating pipe, Teflon heater, titanium heating rod, far-infrared heating pipe, ceramic electric heating pipe, titanium lead-free tin furnace electric heating pipe, heating ring, plastic mechanical electric heating ring, etc.


Application scale of stainless steel electric heating tube:

The stainless steel finned electric heating pipe can be installed in the blowing pipe or other heating occasions for stopping and moving air; In metal stamping, machinery manufacturing, cars, textiles, food, household appliances and other work, especially in air curtain work and stamping work of air conditioners, electric heating pipes are widely used as hot air components. Common shapes and structures include: I type (straight pipe), U type, W type (M type), O type (ring type), etc. The structure and data of W-type (M-type) finned heating tube are concisely listed in the following contents.

Article source: Zhongshan heating pipe