Material selection requirements for stainless steel heating pipe

2021-03-23 915

Stainless steel electric heating tube is often used to heat things, especially at home. The advantages of this heating tube are that it will not rust, high heating efficiency, short time, convenient operation, intelligent control, etc. compared with the previous models, this heating tube can be said to have been greatly improved, and its function has been greatly improved. This is not only good information, but also higher technology content, which is what customers are waiting for.

Among the factors that affect the quality of stainless steel electric heating tubes, the quality of data accounts for a very important reason. The reasonable selection of raw materials of electric heating tubes is the condition to ensure the quality of electric heating tubes.

What are the requirements for data selection of stainless steel electric heating tubes? Selection criteria of pipes: temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

In fact, there are many kinds of stainless steel raw materials. For example, the stainless steel pipes used in chemical plants are acid-base corrosion-resistant, while the stainless steel used in heaters are steel with strong thermal conductivity and poor electrical conductivity, so the requirements are relatively high. Common features of several stainless steel materials.

First of all, stainless steel 301 is used in various high-strength occasions because of its hardening phenomenon during processing deformation. In the process of making stainless steel heating pipe, stainless steel 304 raw material is used. It is widely used in heating liquid (without strong acidity and alkalinity) and air heating. It has good comprehensive function, easy to form and moderate price. It is used in the production of heating pipe.

Stainless steel 302 is actually a variety with a higher carbon content than 304, which has a higher strength after cold rolling.

Stainless steel 303 raw material is easy to cut because it contains sulfur. It is mainly used for convenient cutting and occasions requiring high surface finish of stainless steel.

Compared with stainless steel 304, stainless steel 304L has a lower carbon content. When welding, stainless steel with low carbon content has less carbides differentiated by heat near the weld. Therefore, carbon emission is reduced. Because carbides will be corroded during welding.


305 raw material has high nickel content and is easy to form due to low work hardening rate.

Stainless steel 308 raw materials are generally used to make welding rods.

316 and 317 raw materials contain aluminum, which can be used in weak acid and alkali. The acid and alkali resistant type is better than stainless steel 304 raw materials.

321 raw materials contain high titanium content, and are generally used for welding high temperature, acid and alkali corrosive substances.

The steel that is easy to process is selected. If the hardness is too high, it is not easy to process and produce, and it is difficult to make a shape. It should be made into a hollow pipe. 3、 As we all know, the electric heating pipe is hollow, the metal pipe is filled with magnesium oxide insulation materials, and an electric heating wire is in the middle to heat the liquid. This is a very strict requirement for information.

In fact, the data selection of stainless steel electric heating tubes is expressly stipulated by the state, and there is also an enterprise standard in the industry, a quality inspection in the company, and the inspection of mall customers. The product quality is checked at all levels. It is difficult to win the mall if the quality is unqualified, and it will still be screened by the mall after all. As a customer, it still needs some skills to choose a good electric heating tube. Especially now there are many such products in shopping malls, many of which are competing for price, but ignoring product quality. As a customer, we should have our own judgment and compare them more, or we will still suffer.

Article source: Zhongshan heating pipe