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2021-03-23 787

(I) meaning of defective product correction

In the production of electric heating elements, defective products will inevitably occur, because the technology and management level of each factory are inconsistent, and the quantity of defective products varies greatly. In some enterprises with strong technical force and high management level, the secondary product rate can be controlled below 0.5%, while in some poor enterprises, the secondary product rate is 3-5%. If the defective products in production can be corrected and the percentage of defective products can be reduced to a small degree, this is the policy pursued by every enterprise. Reducing defective products can not only reduce the loss of the enterprise, reduce the cost, advance the economic benefits of the enterprise, but also save raw materials and auxiliary materials, save labor, and meet the requirements of delivery date.


(II) possibility of correcting defective products in the production of electric heating elements

Generally speaking, it is difficult to correct the defective products after the electric heating elements are made, but in practice, we have found that some of them can be corrected.

1. What kinds of defective electric heating elements can be corrected:

When some of the following problems occur in the filling material of electric heating elements - magnesium powder, making the elements defective, this kind of electric heating elements may be corrected.

A. the raw magnesium powder is of good quality. Due to uneven mixing or other reasons during modification, after the electric heating element is made, its moisture resistance is low, about 100m Ω. When the element is placed in the air, the resistance will continue to drop. Red ink is injected into the two ends, and the ink can be absorbed. The pipe mouth at the two ends is cut open, and the absorbed red ink is more than 2mm.

B. magnesium powder was slightly damaged during the processing of electric heating elements:

For example, the two end flange welding of the Youting pipe, the water dispenser pipe, the end welding of the water cooker pipe, and the pickling (hydrochloric acid, nitric acid) and electroplating solution immersion during the electroplating process.

C other conditions: for example, the electric heating pipe may have been fired before it is fired, but the temperature is too low or the temperature has reached, but the time is too short, etc.

2. What conditions constitute defective electric heating elements that cannot be corrected:

A reasons for magnesium powder: poor quality of raw magnesium powder, high content of ferromagnetic substances and other harmful impurities, low density or uneven density.

B. defects of pipe data: for example, the pipe has cracks, burrs in the pipe, or bubbles, shrinkage cavities, slag inclusions, etc.

C problems in the process of pipe manufacturing: such as broken wire of electric heating wire, eccentric or blocked electric heating wire and lead out rod, etc.

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