Electric towel rack manufacturer: what are the advantages of electric towel rack?

2021-09-09 838

What are the main advantages of electric towel rack

1. Power saving. The power of the commonly used model of electric towel rack in the family is 65W, which is equivalent to a general electric bulb. The power consumption is less than 7 cents, that is, it is not closed all day, and the power consumption throughout the day is only 1.56 yuan; However, the power of Yuba used for heating in the bathhouse generally reaches more than 2000W.

2. Cost effective. On the market, the price of a set of general copper bath towel rack is generally 350 yuan. If it is a brand, the price is doubled. The price of a simple electric towel rack for household use is more than 400 yuan. You can enjoy the technology brought to you by the new electric heating products at home by spending tens of yuan more. In addition, the service life of a towel that keeps dry will also be greatly extended, saving you a lot of money in changing towels frequently.


3. Health. In bathrooms without windows and without ventilation, towels and bath towels are difficult to dry after use. In plum rain season, wet bathrooms make towels and bath towels slippery and uncomfortable. The electric towel rack can quickly dry towels and bath towels, prevent bacteria from breeding, and maintain the health of you and your family.

4. Heating. It can not only partially heat and dry towels, but also heat the room for heating. In general, the family bathroom is 4-5 square meters, and the 65W electric towel rack can be used in such a small space. It can replace the high-power heater, Yuba and air conditioner to heat your bathroom, and you don't have to worry about the rise of electricity charges. In fact, when Europeans and Americans use this product, they often keep it open for a week, so as to ensure that the room is always warm as spring.

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