Electric towel rack manufacturer: is the electric towel rack still useful in summer?

2021-08-31 858

The climate is gradually warming, and the beginning of summer is coming soon. When summer comes, is there no need to install an electric towel rack?

In fact, the electric towel rack is still very useful in summer!

A lot of people think: in the summer, when it's sunny, can't you just dry the towel on the balcony? It is indeed possible to do so. But this kind of electric towel rack is very different from easy heating.


1. Are your towels soft in summer?

2. Will it harden after drying?

3. Why do towels break more easily in summer?

The towel hardened after a period of time. This is mainly because the free calcium and magnesium ions in the water combine with soap and adhere to the towel. Washing with salt can simply solve this problem. The specific method is: first wet the towel, rub the salt on it, and then rinse it with clean water to remove greasy and clean it as new.

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