Heating tube manufacturer: what causes the heating tube to break

2021-11-03 736

Reason 1: in the process of powder filling, magnesium powder is mixed with impurities, which will be carbonized after high temperature, and the pipe will burst after long use;

Reason 2: material selection is very important. There are many kinds of stainless steel. Select the correct material according to the environment in which the heating rod is used; There are also differences between the pipes themselves. One is the slotted pipe and the other is the non jointed pipe. The slotted steel pipe is welded with steel strip. If one spot weld is not in place, the pipe will burst. Generally, this problem will not occur in the non jointed pipe, which may be caused by the slotted pipe quality;

Reason 3: there are also differences in the liquids used for heating stainless steel electric heating tubes. Some are corrosive liquids, and some are water. Sometimes the heating water is the cause of water quality, because many of them may be underground water or tap water, with many impurities, which is easy to form scale. Too much and too thick scale will cause the internal temperature to be unable to diffuse, resulting in the tube explosion of the heating rod.

Cause 4: the tube wall of the heating rod is too thin, or the power setting of the heating rod is too high, the surface load is too large, and the internal temperature is too high, which is easy to cause the internal expansion of the heating rod, resulting in the cracking of the heating rod.


Resistance value confirmation:

The core part of the work of the heating rod is the work of the heating wire. The quality of the heating rod depends on the quality of the heating wire. The study of the electric heating wire is to study the resistance of the electric heating wire, which determines the power of the electric heating tube. The resistance value of the electric heating tube is fixed. When different working voltages are connected, the effect of different electric heating tube power will occur, and so will the thermal effect. Generally, the smaller the resistance is, the larger the wire diameter of the resistance wire is. When the voltage is fixed, the greater the current the resistance wire passes through. When the current passing exceeds the load of the resistance wire, it is easy to break and damage. The data shows that the resistance of the heating rod is not as small as possible. The appropriate resistance wire should be selected according to the actual situation and to ensure normal use.

2 points for resistance value confirmation of heating rod:

1. Determine the supplied rated voltage and rated power to determine the resistance value. Through the formula: voltage * voltage / power = resistance.

2. The surface load of the heating wire shall not exceed the standard, generally not more than 1.5w/ cm2. When selecting the resistance value of the electric heating tube for production, it is mainly based on the rated voltage and rated power provided by the customer. At the same time, we should also consider the bearing capacity of the surface load of the resistance wire. So as to ensure the service life of the electric heating tube.

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