How to use heat pipe and its advantages

2021-03-23 662

I. application of stainless steel electric heating tube

The element shall be stored outside the dry place. If the insulation resistance drops below 1 megohm due to long-term storage, it can be dried in an oven at about 200 ℃ for several hours (or pass the element through low voltage for several hours), that is, the insulation resistance can be restored. If carbon deposit is found on the surface of the pipe, it shall be reused after it is removed to avoid reducing the efficiency or even burning the components. When melting asphalt, paraffin and other solid oils, the voltage shall be reduced for application, and then increased to additional voltage after melting. To avoid power concentration and decrease the service life of components.


II. Performance advantages of stainless steel electric heating tube

The dry burning stainless steel electric heating tube is made of high-quality stainless steel, modified magnesium oxide powder, high resistance electric heating alloy wire, stainless steel heat sink and other materials through advanced production equipment and technology. Using modified magnesia powder, the surface load of the dry fired electric heating tube can reach 7 w / cm2, which is 3 ~ 4 times that of the general components.

The high temperature resistance of the modified magnesia powder can reach 700 ℃ or even higher, making the dry fired stainless steel electric heating tube have good insulation performance and high heating efficiency, and then improving the service life of the electric heating tube. The dry burning electric heating tube also has the advantages of fast heating, uniform heating and good heat dissipation performance.

Article source: Zhongshan heating pipe